RMC vs Miller

When pouring your slab or columns, you are faced with a decision. Should you use the old school miller or go with the times and order RMC (Ready Mix Concrete) trucks from a plant to get your concrete.

AAC Blocks application guidelines

You have made the decision to use AAC (Aerocon) Blocks to build your building rather than regular red bricks. Though this is the newest sort after option, there are certain guidelines which have to be followed to ensure that there is minimal amount of breakages and wastages.

What is Robo Sand

Robo sand is sand manufactured in stone quarries and it is a substitute for the river sand which is used in construction. Certain manufacturers are openly claiming that robo sand is a better alternative when compared to river sand.

Area Blog – Yapral

Yapral is currently one of the upcoming areas where people are building homes and builders, including Commlab Properties are building apartments. We wondered why this area is in such high demand. I’ve listed out below a few reasons why:

Veneer vs Laminate

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between veneer and laminate? In short, veneer is a thin layer of hardwood applied to a comparatively less expensive material like plywood. Meanwhile, laminate is a printed surface made to look as close as it can to real wood, but usually made of a plastic material which is bonded to a composite base.